Muskoday First Nation Community School


  • MFNCS has put into place strict social distancing and masking policies. All persons entering our School are expected to follow and abide by these policies.
    Thank you,
    MFNCS Administration

  • The School is currently operating with 1 bus driver as licenced bus drivers are in short supply and hard to come by.

  • The Bus will make 2 trips on the Eastside starting at 8 am. Please keep your eye out for him and be patient. 3 School Vans will be picking up students on the Westside starting at approx 8:20. Keep your eye out for the vans. If no one has picked up your child by 8:50 call the school and we will ensure your child gets picked up.

  • These are temporary measures put in place until we have hired a second bus driver.

Please join us in congratulating our new student
Chief & Council.

MFNCS - SK ARTS Ackknowledgement

Posted on March 26, 2021