Muskoday First Nation Community School

Cold Weather Advisory Policy

Dear Parents/ Guardians:

Please be advised if the weather is –40 or below, there will be NO SCHOOL for the students and NO BUSES will be running. At this temperature it is dangerous for anyone to be outdoors and the policy is for the safety of our children and staff. Be aware that Bus Drivers can refuse transporting your child if they are not dressed properly for the weather.

Listen to local radio stations or visit P.A. NOW for updates. We also relay the info to the Muskoday Facebook page and on the Community Billboard as well.

The Principal and Bus Drivers make their decisions on the morning of a cancellation. We know this is a hardship on some families but we do not want to close if we do not need to. We all know how fast our weather can change and if we cancel the day before and the weather turns out to be nice we have closed for no reason. So please bare with us during this crazy weather and know that we are doing our best and the weather is out of our control.

Expect content on this page updated soon.