Muskoday First Nation Community School

Please check your calendar for different school events. This is the last month of the school year and we have a bunch of fun activities planned for it.

In the second week, we will be going to Camp Tawow for swimming, hiking, and cultural activities.

Then we will be preparing to see off the graduating students.

Grade 1-8 Award ceremonies in the morning of the 16th

Grade 9 graduation in the afternoon of the 16th

All MFNCS employees are required to be fully vaccinated as per MFN policy as of Dec 6th, 2021.

SK Arts - Part of You

SK Arts has created a new campaign, Part of You, to raise awareness of public arts funding, and we need your help to make it a success. Too many people in the general public don’t think that arts funding impacts their lives – they may see us as something for the elite, or they may not even think of us at all. The public needs to see themselves in public arts funding so, if that funding is threatened, there will be supporters beyond artists and arts organizations who will stand up for us.

For Funding Details and Applications:


  • MFNCS will be continuing our social distancing and masking policies in the 2021 school year. All persons entering our School are expected to follow and abide by these policies. Thank you, MFNCS Administration

  • Reminder to all student Caregivers; please ensure your child's IPads are kept in good working condition to ensure your child is able to participate fully in classwork in case of another shutdown.