Muskoday First Nation Community School


  • MFNCS has put into place strict social distancing and masking policies. All persons entering our School are expected to follow and abide by these policies.
    Thank you,
    MFNCS Administration

  • Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic; Muskoday First Nation Community School has been operating via online learning and homework packages since November of 2020.
    We are scheduled to reopen to students on February 22, 2021, pending approval from our Education Authority.
    We thank the Students and their Caregivers for their patience and support during this time.

  • On March 1st, 2021, MFNCS will be returning to regularly scheduled attendance and no longer using "Group A and Group B" pods.

  • The School is currently operating with 1 bus driver as licenced bus drivers are in short supply and hard to come by.

  • On March 1st All Students will be welcomed back for regularly scheduled school days.

  • The Bus will make 2 trips on the Eastside starting at 8 am. Please keep your eye out for him and be patient. 3 School Vans will be picking up students on the Westside starting at approx 8:20. Keep your eye out for the vans. If no one has picked up your child by 8:50 call the school and we will ensure your child gets picked up.

  • These are temporary measures put in place until we have hired a second bus driver.

  • Reminder: No School on Wednesday, March 3rd.