We believe your Education is an inherent and a treaty right. We develop a learning process that incorporates the Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, and Physical well being of each individual. This school is dedicated to all the people of Muskoday. It is in honour of all past, present and future Elders, Veterans, and People of our community, and for all those that will join us in the Future.

May Education be our Buffalo. 

Our School is from grades Pre-Kindergarten to Grade Nine.
Students are then transferred to a Prince Albert school, via school bus. 

We currently have a total of 130 students that attend Muskoday First Nation Community School.
(as of September 2023)

School hours and breaks are as listed:

Monday to Friday

8:15 AM - Staff Arrive

8:30 AM - Buses Arrive

8:40 AM - Classes start

Lunches and Breaks are staggered 

2:30 Pre Kindergarten Home Time

3:15 PM - Home Time

For more information, please call the school or email: admin.assistant@mfncs.org